Code of Conduct

We’re only going to share three rules here, but outside of these rules, please use common sense and respect for fellow filmmaker when talking, sharing, or posting in this community.

To paraphrase the immortal Girl Scout code, “Make the world a better place and be a sister to every WCA member.”

  1. MONEY. Please do not use the listserv to solicit donations or funding for your projects! However, while we don’t want the listserv to be inundated with crowdfunding requests, we will be sending out a monthly member newsletter, so if you want to promote or plug a project, shoot us a blurb at

  1. JOBS. Do not forward or re-post WCA job postings to anyone else without the explicit permission of the person who listed it. If a member posts a job opportunity in the forum, please ask them before sharing with someone not on the forum. Please respect the privacy and the goodwill of this community. (Note: This does not apply to the UTA Job List, because that’s a free for all anyways!)

  2. DEBATE. This board is a forum for discussion and growth, and we welcome civilized and spirited debate. However, the board retains moderation power and and we will use our discretion to shut down any conversations that becomes aggressive. In the wise words of She’s the Man (2006): "When debutantes disagree, they say it with their eyes."