You can read more about the nitty gritty of the Board Elections process in our Bylaws, but here’s an overview of how it all works.

There are two ways to be involved with the board: either as a Chair or a Committee Member. There are six committees - Programming Committee, Communications Committee, Outreach Committee, Operations Committee, Membership Committee, or Finance Committee - and each one is headed by its respective Chair.

The six Chair members form the Executive Board, and are elected annually by the outgoing board (Chairs and Committee Members combined). The incoming Chairs then accept applications for Committee Members, and choose their committees from the applicants.

Board Elections are held in the summer. Chair elections begin in May and conclude in June. Committee Member applications open in June and conclude in July (but Chairs can keep their committee application open throughout the year).

The outgoing board is expected to transition the incoming board by August, so the new board is in place by the fall.