Member Post: A Brief Conversation with Katherine Vondy (As Interviewed by Herself)

Katherine Vondy is a WCA member and the writer behind the hilarious blog "The Walking Deadpan". Check it out! Here she is being interviewed and doing the interviewing...mind-boggling.


Interviewer Kat: First of all, thanks for taking the time to chat. Can you tell me a little about your background?

Katherine Vondy: Sure. I’m a writer and filmmaker originally from Virginia but currently living in Los Angeles. I have a BA from Amherst College, an MFA from USC, and a TV from my friend Michelle who had a spare one in her closet.

IK: Why did you decide to start blogging?

KV: I’ve considered myself a writer for a long time, ever since I learned that no skill impresses people more than a facility with the written word. I later learned this is actually incorrect and I had been misinformed about the nature of the world in general, but it was too late. I’d already declared myself a writer and everybody knows that the decisions you make when you are seven years old about what life will be like when you are an adult are permanent. I started the blog so I would have a creative outlet that I could make use of on a regular basis, and because I felt like I had a lot of very important ideas to share with the world.


IK: Yes, your blog is subtitled “the most important short essays in the universe.” Is this an exaggeration?

KV: No.


IK: A joke?

KV: No.


IK: Are you being ironic?

KV: No.


IK: It sounds to me like you’re being ironic.

KV: It sounds to me like you don’t think my essays are important. Who are you to judge?


IK: Let’s move on. Who is your target audience?

KV: People who have internet connections, an appreciation of wit and/or absurdity and a tendency to procrastinate.


IK: What do you do when you’re not writing?

KV: As I explain in one of my early blog posts, writers are always working. But sometimes I am writing at the same time as I am trying a new restaurant, watching So You Think You Can Dance, playing my keyboard, or trying to coerce friends into going wine-tasting with me.


IK: What’s the next project on your horizon?

KV: Creating a network TV series. Or cooking dinner tonight, whatever happens first.


IK: Well, I guess only time will tell which one it will be! Best of luck with the blog and the wine.

KV: Thank you.

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