Member Post: Why We Still Fight


Middle-aged TV Man: Why is there an organization like Women in Film and TV?

Me: What do you mean?

MATVM: Why isn’t there a Men in Film and TV?

Me: There is.  It’s called the industry.

MATVM continues yammering about how things have become so bad that straight men have become a minority in the industry that is now overtly run by women and gay men.  I decide that MATVM is obviously unhinged and this conversation cannot continue unless I want to go all Van Gogh and burn my ears off.   

I could have blamed this on MATVM coming from a different generation of the old boy’s club in the industry yet I have also had this conversation with guys my age and younger, of the Y and Z generation.   This just means that we still have a way to go in terms of equal representation in the industry as there are still people who are in denial about the truths of the situation. Yes, there are more females in the industry and yes, we are taken a bit more seriously than say in Don Draper’s time but the numbers are nowhere near equal.   We are still forced to encounter sexist idiots like in Polanski’s latest rant or dismal statistics – like the fact that women editors and directors only make up 13% of the DGA – before we can finally start planning celebrations.  I even tried to point out my own personal experience of not being hired for a production company because I was a ‘girl’ and would upset an all male crew but to no avail.

This MATVM and young men were quick to point out their misguided belief that organisations like Women in Film or women being vocal about this inequality are just man-haters.  There lies the main problem. People need to realize that feminism is NOT misandry. It is about equality, it’s only ever been about that. 

Thankfully just last week I worked with a young director who had two very strong female roles in his short film.  I congratulated him on it and he proudly stated that he was a feminist and his favourite films were ones that had great female AND male characters.  My faith was restored. Again it’s about equality. We cannot continue this fight without our male counterparts so let’s encourage them as well as the women who are making waves.

An interesting article in the Guardian celebrates the 21st century suffragette and asks ‘what would you fight for now?' The answer sadly, is the same thing we have been fighting for years.