Member Post: A Run On Sentence For Mother's Day

Some woman whether gay or straight, single or divorced, married or widowed, 18 or 22 or 26 or 35 or 53 or 64 or 70, a wife and mother or girlfriend or sister or aunt or lover or just a friend; who may also be a volunteer or innocent bystander or perfect stranger, who works part-time or full time or stays at home or telecommutes or free lances or is a tenured or unionized teacher or lawyer or maid or accountant or business owner or baker or seamstress or sex worker, manicurist or nannie whose mother was Jewish or Catholic or Buddhist or Born Again or Muslim or Agnostic and is also Asian, Armenian, African, Indian, Anglo, Latino, or biracial and or transnational; who has lived in this country for five, ten, fifteen or thirty or ninety or two hundred or more years and is legal or illegal or naturalized or registered or not as Democratic, Republican, Green, Socialist, Libertarian or undecided is so busy before-work, during-lunch, after-work, after dinner, on the weekends and late into the night with her to do lists and errands to the post office, the bank, the library, the soccer field, the book store, the doctors, the vet and then to WalMart or Target or Costco or Smart N Final to get the plunger, the bath mat, the envelopes, the sleeping bag with just a quick stop for gas and maybe gum or diet something or Starbucks for a mocha, vanilla, hazelnut frappucino or Yum-Yum for coffee and a doughnut with or without sprinkles, but then right on to Ralphs or Vons or Fresh N Easy to pick up milk and eggs, meat and vegetables, pasta and sauce, beer and wine, ice cream and chocolate syrup, and just one of thirteen varieties of dill pickles, and then next door to Walgreens or Rite Aid or Reeds for multi-vitamins, greeting cards, lip-balm, condoms, K-Y jelly, People, Cosmo or the Star, for syringes, alcohol swabs, cough drops, Kleenex, antidepressants and a cane with a rubber tip, then to pick up the children, drop off the fed ex, deliver the flowers, rescue the animals, check on the neighbors, feed the homeless, plant trees, wire funds, refinance loans, file for bankruptcy or a divorce or a restraining order, while still needing to make sure to wrap that birthday, anniversary, wedding shower gift or install new locks, or research burial plots or headstones or hospice or colon or breast or cervical or lung or liver cancer and get to her hair, nail, doctor or dentist appointment and still she won’t forget to subscribe, renew, contribute and donate as soon as she can just put away the groceries, take out the garbage, recycle the empties, water the plants, pick up the toys, clear off the counter and cook dinner for herself, her husband and one, two, three or more children or step children or foster children or for her partner or boyfriend or hot date or roommate or  mother in law or best friend or brother, who is visiting from France or El Paso or El Salvador or Alabama and who may be living downstairs or upstairs or next door or down the street and is recovering from a break up, an addiction, a bad fall or was recently released from prison or the army or navy or marines and just needs to get back on his feet, still not forgetting to clear the table, load the dishwasher, sweep the crumbs, feed the dogs and the cats, pay the bills, return that call or the email, now play with the children, check their homework or give them baths or read to them or tuck them in or sew a button on or lay out clothes or pack lunches or backpacks or suitcases or write a list for tomorrow or go out again to spend an hour playing softball, soccer or tennis or swimming or walking or spinning or doing yoga or Pilates but also have to swing by the mall or the outlet to shop the sales for socks, pants, shirts, shoes, towels, sheets, couches, cookware or solar panels before she has a moment to catch her breath, or watch the news or put up her feet or have a glass of wine or get back to their needlepoint, novel, or poem or play, or even get into bed and watch tv or movies or read about houses or fashion or heaven or hell or recipes or composting or heaven help her to have sex or realize just before falling asleep…that she will have to remind someone else to give her a call or send flowers or a card or take her out for breakfast or brunch or lunch or dinner to thank her for being one of those women who mother us, whether we call them mother or not.

Corey MaddenComment